Veterinary Technician Blogs

Blogs are a great place on the web where people share their knowledge and expertise on a certain subject. So, if you are a veterinary technician, there are a lot of things you can learn from some veterinary technician blogs.

Thus, to make things easier for you, we listed all the best blogs which are written by veterinary technicians.

Veterinary Technician Blogs

I Love Veterinary

I love veterinary logo

A thorough and exceptional veterinary medicine blog that shares plenty of information about veterinary technicians, including articles, news, interviews videos, and vet case stories. Every week, there are about three to four new posts per week.

Additionally, you can also find a lot of amazing gifts for veterinary technicians at their online store.

Vet Tech To Go

This is another great blog written by a vet tech and it features tips and advice on how to help the veterinarian care best for animals. Thus, you will find plenty of exceptional reading on the topic of rehabilitation, nursing, hospice, and fitness for animals.

The Savvy VetTech

The Savvy VetTech

This is a great blog for all veterinary technicians where you can learn a lot about current veterinary topics, refresh on medical knowledge, and review fun case studies. The blog has a team of writers who share their knowledge on a daily basis and are committed to education.

Chrissy’s Blog

Chrissy Wilson is the veterinary technician behind this blog. Check her blog and read more about her career, veterinary technician tips, travels, and much more. Her style of writing will blow your mind as she shares stories about living and working as a vet tech.

So You Wanna Be a Vet Tech

This is a fantastic blog that focuses on all veterinary technician-related questions. Head to her blog and read everything about your profession. Likewise, you’ll get all your questions answered, how great is that?!

Smart Flow Blog

Run by Samantha Toy, an RVT, this is an exceptional blog that offers well-written articles about the veterinary technician’s work. You’ll find many interesting stories and tips and use her blog as study material.


As the name of the blog states, you should check the blog if you want to become a veterinary technician expert. There are countless articles from which you can learn everything there is to know about your profession.

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