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The credentialing systems, which vary from state to state, have caused plenty of confusion for both veterinary consumers and inside the veterinary profession. Hence, in order to clarify the crucial role of the profession, it is necessary to establish a single and standard title. So, formally trained and credentialed veterinary technicians or nurses can properly care for both pets and pet owners.

For Credentialed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technician Specialists who want to advance their careers, the unified title will make a national and global standard. The mission of NAVTA is to make an alignment within the veterinary field, provide education for veterinarians and consumers, as well as, raise public awareness about the roles and responsibilities of veterinary technicians and nurses.

Therefore, NAVTA has decided to initiate conversations with global, national, and state organizations in order to implement the use of a single term. This association, which collaborates with the AVMA, works towards creating common policies, practice acts, terminology, and procedures. This will make it easier for individual states and associations in credential governance.

Nevertheless, neither the Title Protection nor the National Credentialing will happen overnight. In fact, this initiative is estimated to occur in the next five to ten years. In 2016, NAVTA did research for the best possible options and consulted plenty of organizations and global, national, and state veterinary medical associations. NAVTA acknowledges the importance of veterinary assistants in the success of the credentialed veterinary technician or nurse and the veterinary hospital.

The initiative will consider their important role and ways how to promote through the Approved Veterinary Assistant Programs. Moreover, the National Credential Initiative aims to standardize the credential for the profession, including requirements, title, and scope of practice throughout the nation. So, the standardized title will be used in all 50 states and it will unify the profession and grow professional recognition.

Thus, the National Credential Initiative will provide an opportunity for veterinary consumers, who will start understanding and recognizing what veterinary technicians or nurses do on a daily basis in regard to patient care. The qualified veterinary nursing personnel will continue to provide protection and care for their patients both for pets and pet owners.

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