A veterinary technician is a certified professional in the field of veterinary technology who provides technical support for veterinarians in the process of patient care. Besides veterinarians, a vet tech is equally involved in the care of patients in veterinary hospitals and represents as a valuable team member and irreplaceable asset.

This person is a hero in disguise, and behind every successful veterinarian, there is an exhausted vet tech!

Veterinary Technician and vet examining a rabbit

Vet Tech is one of the first people you see in the vet clinic, welcomes the new patients, accompanies the owners with their pets to the exam room, and listens and takes notes from the veterinarian.

One of the responsibilities of the vet tech is taking notice of the reasons for the visit. Also, the vet tech can perform a physical exam, consult and share the information with the veterinarian afterward.

But before you can work as a professional vet tech, there are exams and professional education that should be completed. These programs last for two years and there are around 160 of them across the US at universities, colleges, and community colleges. After finishing these programs the future vet tech must take the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Examination).

You can also get educated as a vet tech online.

If you are still hesitating whether to pursue a Vet Tech career, here is a list of things and activities that are connected with this cool profession.

Vet tech superheroes

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