The Best Ways to Celebrate Vet Tech Week

The National Veterinary Technician Week is one of the times of the year when the spotlight shines on veterinary technicians. If were been wondering what are the best ways to celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week, which takes place in the third week of October each year, you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve got the answers.

Each veterinary technician and the veterinary hospital should use this week to spread the news and educate the public about their work. It’s the perfect time to highlight all the awesome things you do for animals and raise awareness about veterinary technicians’, as well as animals’ needs.

1. Organize a Fundraising Event
There are numerous fundraising events that you can organize to raise awareness of your profession and raise some funds at the same time. You can organize a Veterinary Hospital Open House and invite local businesses, clients, and community members. This also means that you should organize activities in which the people can participate, such as Animal Walk, Pet Spa Day, Canine Kissing Booth, Pet Photo Shoot, or a Pet Parade.

pet parade

2. Create an Award
This is a very creative and fun way to celebrate this week. You can prepare an award for each veterinary technician in the hospital which will show them that they’re appreciated. You can get creative with these awards. For example, give gold medals to that veterinary technician who has the ability to calm the animal down.

3. Prepare a Food Cooking Event
This is a common thing many veterinary hospitals do during the National Veterinary Technician Week. Hence, organizing a fun cookout or picnic with your colleagues is a great way to celebrate this week. Moreover, you can ask everyone to bring food so you can eat together at the clinic, potluck style.

4. Decorate the Veterinary Hospital
Decorating the hospital, especially the lobby, will be extremely useful and motivating. You can use some fun motivating posters as well as some interesting facts about veterinary technicians that the clients will find educative and interesting.

5. Prepare a Tech Survival Kit
This is an exceptional (and very exciting) “Do-It-Yourself” project. You should prepare a survival kit for every technician in your hospital. Some of the suggestions which should be in the kit are chocolate, pain relief, caffeine, breath mints, a stress relief candle, and band-aids.

vet tech survival kit
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6. Give Acknowledgement
Use this week to give the deserved acknowledgment to the technicians in your clinic. Organize a group meeting where you should share your appreciation for those veterinary technicians who went above and beyond throughout the year, such as staying late at work or doing something great for a client.

7. A Veterinary Technicians’ Coffee Break
This means that you and your coworkers can use a good coffee break at the closest café where you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. This will be a bonding moment and will make everyone’s day better.

8. Give Gifts
Giving your vet a present is another very popular way of celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week. Getting veterinary technicians gifts like coffee mugs, tumblers, or T-shirts will definitely boost team morale.

9. Nominate a Veterinary Technician for Our Annual Award

Sometimes a vet tech’s job is thankless. Show them some appreciation or nominate yourself for our Vet Tech of the Year Award this year.

Vet tech of the year award

How do YOU Celebrate Vet Tech Week?

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