Personalized Gifts for Veterinary Technicians

Looking for a personalized gift for a veterinary technician? Well, you are definitely in the right place. I’ll share with you some of my favorite personalized gifts you can get to show how much you appreciate and value the dedication of veterinary technicians. I’ll list the best customized gifts you can get if you want …

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How Much Does a Vet Tech Make?

Veterinary technicians perform a number of tasks related to animal care, including nursing care, lab work, surgery assistance, collecting samples and performing tests, and radiology. They work in animal hospitals or private clinics and assist veterinarians with animal care. Working as a vet tech isn’t a glamorous job and only the ones who really care …

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Vet Tech Specialties

Veterinary technicians have been more and more interested in attaining a higher level of recognition for advanced knowledge and skills in specific disciplines. Therefore, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America established the Committee on Veterinary Technician Specialties (CVTS). CVTS is a body which provides a standardized list of criteria, as well as, help …

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Vet Tech Day at the Clinic

This is a video of a Vet Tech who loves her job. She explains what it means to be a vet tech in this video of her daily routines at the clinic. Get to know her cute patients! Watch this video if you are planning to enroll in this profession! 

Veterinary Nurse Initiative

The credentialing systems, which vary state to state, have caused plenty of confusion for both veterinary consumers and inside the veterinary profession. Hence, in order to clarify the crucial role of the profession, it is necessary to establish a single and standard title. So, formally trained and credentialed veterinary technicians or nurses can properly care …

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Happy Vet Tech Week Video

 Animal Emergency Clinic-Victorville crated this video as a Thank You to all the Vet Techs out there, who do an amazing job day by day! We thought it was worth a look and it might inspire you how to thank your vet techs next year. Enjoy!

Taking the VTNE

Veterinary Technician National Examination

The Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) is an exam which assesses the competency of entry-level veterinary technicians, so they can practice and be credentialed. The VTNE is administered and owned by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). This computer-based exam is offered in three testing windows a year and a very valid tool …

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National Veterinary Technician Associations

There are a number of veterinary technician associations in the USA which you should know about. We composed a list of all national veterinary technician associations you can find in the United States of America. We will talk more about the national body for veterinary technicians in the country known as the National Association of …

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Song by Dr. Allen

Another awesome song about Vet Tech Appreciation Week by Dr.Allen from Jackson Square Animal Clinic! “Let’s go hear it for the TECHS!” 🙂

Veterinary Technician Schools- Part 2

veterinary technician schools in the USA

If you are thinking about studying to become a veterinary technician in the USA, but you don’t know which veterinary technician schools are there, you’re at the right place. As there are plenty of different veterinary schools in the United States of America, we decided to divide them into two articles. Here is the second …

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