Luxury Vet Tech Gifts for Appreciation Week

Veterinary technicians have a crucial role in animal care. They work under the supervision of a veterinarian and handle medical instruments, laboratory equipment, and animals with care. Likewise, their job also includes taking x rays, giving anesthesia, and doing dental work. Veterinary technicians work hard and are dedicated professionals which take care of our animals.

We should appreciate their work every day of the year and show them how much there are respected and valued. However, there is also an event, called National Veterinary Technician Week, which provides an opportunity to honor and show our appreciation. So, we decided to list some of the best luxury gifts which are a perfect idea for veterinary technicians.

Luxury Vet Tech Gifts

1. (Your Pet) Silhouette Pendant Necklace

This luxury necklace comes in a choice of either silver-plated or sterling silver material. Do you like one-of-a-kind customizable jewelry that is as unique as your personality and quite frankly, your job too? Then this shape-engraved photo necklace is a must-have item!

This is a jewelry piece that can be paired with any outfit and is suitable for everyday wear. Your personalized charm will consist of a photo of your pet sent to us, which is then crafted in a unique silhouette charm.

You also have the option to add any wording to the back of your charm. Your charm will come complete and ready to wear with your choice of an 18-20 inch silver curb chain.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

2. Luxury Heart Necklace With Dog Heartbeat

If treating canines lies close to your heart, then this is a perfect gift for any dog veterinarian! You will be spoilt for a choice between a stainless steel or 18k gold finish for your pendant and chain.

As an added feature, you have the option of adding between one to two lines of engraving with a sample of the beautiful font that will be used! And if that is not enough, your unique pendant and chain will come complete in a luxury box with your order – so we’ve done all the hard grafting and crafting for you!

This means you can have this delivered as a surprise directly to anyone. Go on, make your Vet Tech’s week by giving them a gift that is reflective of their special passion. We can guarantee the highest quality of jewelry on the market.

3. Inception Silhouette Necklace

Love so many animals that you wish you can wear more jewelry to reflect it? No, problem! We’ve got you covered, with this beautiful lead- and nickel-free necklace, you can now have horses, cats, and dogs close to your heart!

It also has a splendid sheen finish to it, making it the perfect jewelry piece for any occasion, or for everyday wear.

You have the choice of ordering this piece in the following materials:

  • Oxidized sterling silver
  • Oxidized sterling silver (1 inch)
  • Silver-plated
  • Sterling silver
  • Sterling silver (1 inch)

The dimensions of the product are charm 3/4 inch (20 mm), curb chain 18 inches (48 cm), and a 2 inch (5 cm) extension to the chain.

You will be the envy of veterinary professionals everywhere and it will put a smile on your face that can carry you through the hard days.

4. Equine Veterinarian Luxury Heart Necklace With Heart Pulse

You didn’t think that we’d overlook our Veterinary Equine counterparts, did you? Of course, we didn’t!

Put your love for all things Equine on display by indulging yourself in a luxury pendant that comes in a choice of stainless steel or an 18k gold finish pendant that depicts a silhouette of your favorite animal and a cool heart pulse pattern, against a black backdrop!

The good news is that we now offer customized engraving at the back of this product for the next elevation in personal experience. Go on- say it right with two lines of engraved text for the complete out-of-this-world gift!

5. Veterinary Jewelry – Luxury Heart Necklace – I Am Their Voice

As veterinary professionals, you are indeed the voice for those that cannot speak! Advocate and broadcast your message of care to your cause by getting yourself (or someone else), or both 🙂 this magnificently impactful gift.

Choose between an 18k gold finish or the stainless steel option for your pendant and chain and make it more personalized by adding your unique one or two-liner message for an extra special gift or self-indulgent treat!

This gift is ideal for veterinarians, vet techs, veterinary Nurses, animal caregivers, nurses, animal lovers, and any animal activists. It will resonate in the hearts of these animal lovers forever!

6. Luxury Heart Necklace For Veterinary Technicians

Spoil yourself or that special vet tech in your practice with this unique gift. It will show your appreciation and they will love the gift as it speaks to their passion.

With the option of choosing between a luxury silver or gold necklace and also engraving, what more could you want to say what you mean? We can guarantee that there won’t be any disappointment!

7. Veterinary Jewelry Gift Set – Luxury Heart Necklace – I Speak For Those Who Have No Voice

This beautiful design was inspired by our innate passion and fondness for anything animal! Animals enrich our lives in so many ways and acting as their custodians by guarding their future and their environments should be high on the priority list for any human on the planet.

Share our love for animals by purchasing a luxury “I Speak For Those Who Have No Voice” one-of-a-kind necklace in your choice of 18k gold or stainless steel (engraving optional).

8. Personalized Pet Memorial Gift – Luxury Heart-Shaped Necklace

For any pet owner, the inevitability of their pet eventually passing is a gut-wrenching and soul-destroying thought! As hard as it is to accept, it doesn’t make it any better. For this reason, we’ve created a design that will embed your pet’s picture forever so that you can keep them close and ingrained in your memory.

Ordering this unique and ever-lasting piece is done in three easy steps:

  1. Uploading your pet’s photo.
  2. Choosing between gold or silver and confirming your design.
  3. Confirming optional engraving.

We can guarantee a quality product you will be satisfied and we even ship fast! We know you want to, so hit that buy button!

9. Veterinary Jewelry – Luxury Yin and Yang Heart-Shaped Necklace

All things in life need to be balanced, as such, this is also relevant in the animal/human relationship. It is the symbiotic essence of the universe and life in general where neither can survive without the order.

Pamper yourself with a unique heart-shaped necklace with a human-animal yin and yang backdrop. Any veterinary professional or animal lover will greatly appreciate this gift for what it represents!

Choose between stainless steel or an 18k gold finish with the option of engraving a personalized message that spans between one to two lines at the back of the pendant.

10. Luxury Heart Necklace – It’s Not Going To Be Easy. It’s Going To Be Worth It”

Let’s face it! Vet school as a student and even life as a veterinary professional are by no means easy for various reasons! From sitting through exams all the way to humanely euthanizing someone’s furry baby – you need a little something to get you through it!

For this reason, we’ve developed this luxury heart-shaped necklace for you or that special veterinary hero in your life, to serve as a reminder of the important work you are doing and how much society appreciates you.

We cater to everyone’s individual preferences by affording you the choice between a beautifully crafted jewelry piece. You can choose between an 18k gold finish or a stainless steel necklace with the option of including engraving for a truly unique gift!

11. “The Best Doctors Treat More Than One Species” – Luxury Pendant and Chain

Unless you choose to specialize, the chances are that you are going to be treating more than one type of animal–since your passion and love transcends to all things animal-related, right? So why not treat yourself to this beautiful pendant and necklace in your choice of two materials to say how you feel.

12. Replacement Attachment Parts For Pendants

Due to normal wear and tear, you might need to invest in a replacement part for your beloved pendants purchased from us. You spoke and we listened. Here, you have to option to only purchase the vessel separately from the pendant to make your own unique gifts or sets to wear together on one occasion.

You have the option to purchase the following separately:

  • Bangle
  • Snack-chain
  • Curb-chain
  • 18 cm bracelet for charms and pendants
  • 20cm bracelet for charms and pendants

Select your preferences and quantities and you’re ready to go!

13. I Love Veterinary Necklace or Bracelet

We love to spoil you for choice as much as you share our love for the Veterinary profession! Therefore, we have a uniquely crafted charm with your option of ordering it with either:

  • A snake-chain
  • A curb-chain
  • Or, an adjustable bracelet

Made from the same luxury materials as all our other jewelry.

14. Custom Wristwatch With Your Pet’s Face On

Keep Fluffy or Fifi close to you by investing in a luxury custom-made watch with their mug on! You can choose between a Black or Braun (tan-beige) strap and two lines of engraving at the back (optional).

Upload your pet’s picture and choose your preferences–as easy as that!

15. “A Beautiful Day to Save a Life” – Luxury Heart Pendant and Chain

Each day as a Vet Tech or any other veterinary profession for that matter is a beautiful day to save a life–or two! Wear this luxury heart-shaped pendant with pride on display for your colleagues and pet parents to see to put their minds at ease and make you the envy of everyone in the veterinary practice.

Set on a black backdrop with a white font and a paw print to boot–what more would you want?

16. “Paw Prints On My Heart” Pendant and Chain

It’s an undeniable fact that each patient leaves their paw print on your heart–intended or NOT! Wear this luxury necklace with pride everywhere you go! The black wording comes printed on a distressed grey background for that antique effect–What’s not to love about it?

17. “I Was Made For Saving Animals” Luxury Heart-Shaped Pendant on Blue Background

At some point in your life, you realized that you had a calling, and that was to save animals! So why not buy this unique gift for that special veterinarian or vet student in your life and make their day!

18. Luxury Adjustable Animal Love Beat Bangle (Stainless steel/18k Gold)

A healthy animal heartbeat is at the center of every Vet Tech’s job (their passion). Reward all their (or your) heart-work by gifting them with an adjustable animal love beat bracelet in your (or their) choice of stainless steel or 18k gold.

19. “I Am Their Voice, They Are My Heart” – Luxury Dog Tag Charm and Chain

The white background and black writing make this dog tag a perfect addition to your growing jewelry collection and is the perfect gift for any Vet Tech or veterinary professional that is working as a carer for animals in the military.

20. “I Am Their Voice, They Are My Heart” – Luxury Heart Pendant and Chain

If you are not the dog tag-wearing type then we can present this pendant to you as a luxury chain necklace in stainless steel or 18k gold instead.

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