Funny Vet Tech Quotes on T-shirts and Mugs!

Veterinary Technician Week – The Funnier Side of Life

Not everyone has the chance to be a Veterinary Technician – but for those who do, this may be a calling worth paying attention to. If you love animals and love their owners even more, then you just may have found a career that will prove to be very rewarding over the years. 

Yes, you do have a future in the Vet Tech world, and this Vet Tech Week is the right time to explore it.

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Our Top Pick For Funny Vet Tech Week Gifts This Year

There are gifts, and then there are Vet Tech gifts. You can describe Vet Tech gifts as being humorous, tongue-in-cheek, witty items that are worth a second glance (even if you aren’t involved in veterinary practice). 

But some of the best Vet Tech Week gift ideas deserve special mention, and this is exactly where you should be looking if you want to gift one to a friend or colleague.


Fur, Slobber and Scratches Unisex Tee

If you’re a Vet Tech, you can probably relate well to the message on this T-shirt. Yes, they’re all part of the job – a job that is way more rewarding once you look beyond fur, slobber, and scratches. Incidentally, you might give this T-shirt to someone who is a newbie when it comes to veterinary life. It will test their passion and dedication to their job in veterinary situations.

This shirt will make for a great gift to anyone, regardless of gender and occasion. So you might want to buy a few for Veterinary Technician Week, especially if your friends are into veterinary as well. Sizing ranges from S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3 X per shirt, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase!

I’m a Vet Tech, I Can’t Fix Crazy, But I Can Sedate it – Ultra Cotton Ladies T-Shirt

Yes, any experienced Vet Tech can inform you that there will always be at least one crazy patient that you will have to handle at any given time. Fortunately, modern veterinary science can solve this problem (for real) by sedating patients who are going berserk in the clinic. Otherwise, you might need the sedation yourself after your work shift, so you don’t go crazy too.

This shirt is made from cotton and is available in ladies sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. You might want to buy a few just for yourself, in different colors, as your day clothes (to remind yourself that veterinary is really your life). Also, don’t forget to gift one to a colleague when Vet Tech Week comes around. Perfect for other occasions as well, including Christmas and birthdays!

Balls Are Overrated – Ladies Tee

Many pet owners need a subtle reminder that their pets should be neutered as soon as possible. This shirt does just that! You may want to broadcast the message to the world as well until everyone gets it. The world will be a much better place when all pet owners opt to neuter rather than leave their pets to their own inclinations.

Do buy many of these T-shirts to gift to your friends and family when special occasions pop up. Anyone’s birthday approaching? No problem, just give them this T-shirt in the most appropriate color. Are you excited about Vet Tech Week? So are we! We’d love to see you gift a colleague with one of these too! Just let the shirt do the talking for you.

Don’t Argue With Me, I Neuter For a Living – Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt

Yes, we’ve always encountered some argumentative people at one point or the other. It doesn’t matter what the topic is – everyone has something to say. But you don’t have to put up with that when you’re wearing this shirt. It’s bound to make some sit back and think first before saying anything. (Or at least make them laugh and relax).

If you have a special someone in mind, this shirt could well be worth your time and attention. Gift this shirt in ladies sizes S, M, L, XL, or 2XL. Since Vet Tech Week is fast approaching, maybe you can buy a few for your best friends at work. Or you can acquire some in different colors just for yourself since you like them so much. (Can’t argue with that logic).

My Other Shirt is a Scrub Top – Unisex Tee

You might be asking yourself how you can make it a happy Vet Tech week for your colleagues and you. Well, this particular shirt may make a veterinary co-worker smile from ear to ear if you gift them with one. It may make their Vet Tech day so much more memorable. Plus, someone special you know could be thinking of gifting you with one too, which is equally significant.

One factor that really makes this shirt stand out for gifting is that so many veterinary professionals can relate. So aside from Vet Techs, you have veterinary receptionists, veterinary assistants, and veterinarians, to name a few. The other factor is that this shirt is unisex in sizing. So take your pick amongst all the sizes and colors offered.

I Remembered Your Dog’s Name… – Unisex T-Shirt

Every Vet Tech has been there at some point – you welcome back an animal patient to the clinic and smile at the owner, then suddenly realize you have no idea what their name is. It’s understandable. This shirt just makes it easier with a little bit of humor sourced from Vet Tech Week ideas.

The nice part is that you needn’t worry so much about it. You can be sure that some of your colleagues have been through something similar at some point. Help a co-worker feel that it’s their Vet Tech appreciation week by gifting this shirt to them. Since the shirt comes in a wide array of colors and sizes, you don’t have to give the same color and size each and every time.

If I Can’t Bring My Dog, I’m Not Going – Unisex Tee

Yes, this is something almost every dog owner has experienced at some point – you’re invited to attend a swanky event somewhere nice, but…they don’t allow pets in their place. Of course, you can decide not to go – though some people may be torn since it’s not every day you get a dinner invitation. The solution? Buy this shirt.

Okay, so that’s not really the right solution, but it’s funny, right? This shirt is an excellent idea, though, to give any dog owner since they’re the ones who can relate well to it. Then, of course, you can gift it to your colleagues though even ordinary folk may see the humor behind it too. It’s one of those Vet Tech appreciation week ideas that will outlast passing up a formal dinner.

Bolus The Propofol – Unisex T-Shirt

This item is definitely a conversation starter and is suitable for anyone who wants to celebrate National Vet Tech Week forever. No, that part is a joke, but it’s funny how those in the veterinary profession may lapse into vet jargon even while conversing with laypeople. You will really stand out in the crowd when you wear this shirt while mingling with ordinary pet owners.

Veterinary students may also like it for those days when they want to be noticed on campus in casual wear. The shirt is unisex in sizing and a perfect gift for your future colleagues who wish to proclaim their profession without being too far out in their taste. There is a wide array of colors to choose from as well. 

Pre-Vet Student – Unisex Tee

Would you be a billionaire by now if the world donated one dollar for every animal you helped in your pre-vet days? Possibly. Some pre-vet students really have a passion for their profession. Admittedly though, veterinary professions can be quite expensive to pursue, so pre-vet students may really be half-joking when they ask for donations. Hence, this shirt.

Realistically, pre-vet students really have to be immersed in their profession. Therefore, they may welcome Vet Tech appreciation week ideas like this shirt which highlights how devoted pre-vet students and others in the veterinary field are. If you’d like to honor a pre-vet student you work with in a clinic, this shirt is a great option.

We Work in Veterinary Medicine – Ultra Cotton Ladies T-Shirt

One stereotype is that “real ladies” don’t like icky stuff like handling pet slobber and bodily fluids. Well, guess again, folks – women in the veterinary profession accept the “icky stuff” as just part of their job. That’s why there are so many fantastic female professionals who help in animal health care. You can buy this shirt to gift to a female friend or co-worker.

This shirt may be so well-loved that veterinary professionals may wear it out by using it so often. If they ask where they can purchase a shirt just like it, don’t hesitate to refer us to them! We sell this shirt in a variety of sizing and color options too. Veterinary Medicine is the right field for anyone excited to be involved in Vet Tech Week more intimately.

I Sold The Dog on Craigslist – Ladies Tee

The message on this Vet Tech week shirt brings the “cat from hell” concept closer to home, doesn’t it? But face it, cats do require a bit of maintenance. And if your cat seems to be eyeing the family dog a bit too intensely, it may be time to change your cat’s login credentials. Better safe than sorry.

In reality, cats can be harder to bring in for a check-up, so Vet Tech staff may find the experience worth highlighting through a shirt. If you think some veterinary colleagues seem to be covered in scratches more often than they’re comfortable with, cheer them up with this message. You can opt to buy more than one shirt for your friends and for yourself too. 

Dogs Make Me Happy… – Unisex T-Shirt

Not everyone is a dog lover – but they should be. After all, no one can replicate the joy that a trusting mutt can bring, especially when the owner brings their dog to the clinic for its check-up. And yes, a true dog person can be spotted by how they treat dog patients in the clinic. So, if you’re a bonafide cat person, you may find enthusiasm about this shirt to be a bit much.

Seriously though, isn’t it great that shirts like this exist? Finally, you get a shirt in the colors that appeal to you, plus sizing is unisex. So don’t hesitate to pick between S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, and 6XL when you are looking for a good gift during Vet Tech appreciation week. You may like the shirt so much you’ll even buy one or more for yourself. That’s progress.


Vet Tech – My Pen Joke – Full-Color Mug

Have you ever lost your pen while on duty as a Vet Tech? Then you can definitely relate to this message on a mug highlighted for National Vet Tech Week. Yes, it’s meant as a joke, but you can probably relate when you’re handling a patient and need to jot down necessary findings in the patient’s chart. The message may make you pretty famous – though feared in the clinic.

Okay, joke over. It’s still a pretty good-looking mug. Perfect for those who like a cuppa at the start of their shift. If you’re thinking of someone right now who would appreciate this kind of mug, you’ll be glad to know you can even buy more than one mug. Then buy a pretty durable pen and gift the mug with it to soothe someone’s frazzled nerves in the clinic.

Vet Tech Because Badass Is Not Official Job Title – Full-Color Mug

Among the much-used Vet Tech appreciation week ideas, you might be surprised to find this one will probably stand the test of time. It takes Vet Tech pride a notch higher, especially when you feel lost amidst a flurry of activity in the clinic. National Vet Tech Week is about getting recognized for your dedication to your job so you can see the value of having this kind of mug.

The good aspect of buying this mug is that you can buy one from the three available colors. You might even be able to afford more than one. Take note that you might have Vet Tech colleagues who would appreciate a gift like this at this time. There might also be friends and family who support veterinary clinics and would love their own mug too. 

Behind Successful Vet Is Exhausted Vet Tech – Full-Color Mug

Vet Tech Appreciation Week is all about loving the veterinary profession despite the daily challenges you will encounter there. Usually, veterinarians get most of the recognition, but you may get your own fill of accolades when someone gifts you this kind of mug during Vet Tech week. If you are too shy to tell people you’d like a mug like this one, buy one for yourself. No problem.

In all seriousness, this mug is a good buy. It is available in three colors, so you can really take your time choosing one (or buy all three colors if you have pretty deep pockets). Don’t fret; you probably have at least one great friend in the veterinary profession who’d love to have one of the mugs as a Vet Tech appreciation gift. Good for you!

Veterinary Monday Prayer – Full-Color Mug

Do you dread Mondays? You don’t have to unless crises seem to have an appointment with your fate every start of the week. As you well know, when all else fails, there’s prayer. That’s why this mug is perfect for those who brave the Monday morning rush because of that HIgher Power. At least, while it’s still National Vet Tech Week.

Yes, being in the veterinary profession is truly a calling in itself. So, take a deep breath, then jump right in. With this mug in hand, you may even start enjoying that Monday morning adrenaline flow. And if you know of anyone who would really need a pick-me-up every mid-morning on Mondays, gift this mug to them as well. They may really need that fresh cuppa.

Stubborn Dachshund Tricks White Coffee or Tea Mug

Do you love dachshunds? Some people may like dachshunds since they’re so small and cuddly. Others may adore short dogs because they look funny. Well, according to this mug, dachshunds are bright yet stubborn pets that present a problem – how does a dog owner teach tricks to stubborn dachshunds? The answer? You don’t.

You can at least appreciate the humor behind this mug’s message while you have some coffee to soothe your frazzled nerves. Face it; dachshunds will only do what they please. That is until they start to get hungry, then they’ll come looking for you. If you love your dachshund a lot, you can buy a mug for them as well. It is National Vet Tech week, after all.

When It’s Freezing Outside, Large Animal Vet – Joke White Coffee or Tea Mug

This kind of mug brings to mind a peculiar question: why do cows have to give birth at night when everything is freezing, and you’d rather still be in bed? Well, that’s just the way it is sometimes with cows. But, of course, you might actually welcome the birthing if you’ve got a pretty good mug with some great coffee to wake you up enough to undertake the task.

This mug is one-of-a-kind since it only comes in one color. But you can take on more beverages aside from coffee with this mug. Fancy hot choco? No problem. Tea makes you more in the zone? Fill her up. It’s really up to you! And if a colleague, friend, or family member likes your mug a lot,  this is one of those Vet Tech week ideas that bring in benefits.

I Kissed a Cat, And I Liked It – White Coffee or Tea Mug

One of the more worthwhile Vet Tech week gift ideas is learning how to love a cat by buying this mug. Do your colleagues, friends, or family members love cats too? Then they may be really interested in this kind of mug to show where their true loyalties lie. But, of course, that only works with clients torn between showering their cat with love or kissing their dog instead.

Is kissing a cat a good idea? It might be if the cat really likes you or is under sedation. Vet Techs like you shouldn’t let just any cat dominate your life – after all, there are lots of cats out there. But once in a while, you may encounter a cat who really likes you back – then it might be safe to kiss it. Just be sure you have quick reflexes if the cat suddenly turns feral.

I Have No Life; I am a Vet Student – White Coffee or Tea Mug

You’ve probably had friends and family question why you’re a Vet Tech. They just don’t get it, do they? Being a Vet Tech is a holy calling in itself because not everyone can qualify to enter the veterinary profession. But you do. And since it’s National Vet Tech Week, maybe you can gift one of these mugs to yourself? It might make you feel better.

Actually, the whole point is to acknowledge the vital role of those in the veterinary profession, including vet students and Vet Tech professionals. You might not be a pencil pusher, but your job is equally vital for the well-being of both pets and pet owners. Yet even if no one recognizes your efforts, at least this mug may make you smile amidst so much chaos in the clinic.

Small & Big Animal Veterinary Medicine – Joke 14oz Travel Mug

Yes, it’s Vet Tech appreciation week and guess what? This mug is all about you! As a Vet Tech, you probably don’t get to pick and choose which animals you’d prefer to handle. So the flying saliva droplets, kicks in the shin, and airborne fur are a constant in your profession. If you don’t mind that, then you really are a superhero in Veterinary Medicine!

The good news is that many veterinary professionals can relate to what you’re going through. That’s why Vet Tech Week was created. This is your time to shine in the veterinary world! The nice part is that you may find others in the profession who would love to have this mug too. So why not give a mug or two to your friends, family, and colleagues as well?

Cats Make Me Happy – Joke 14oz Travel Mug

Are you a bonafide cat person? You probably have a lot of battle scars to prove it! Scratches and bites on your arm? Check! Poop on the front of your scrubs? Yes, you got that too. Animal puke on your shoes? Yup, no question about that one. Is it worth it? You bet!

Everyone in the veterinary profession has their own war story when it comes to treating feline patients. But yours is important too. Hence, this mug. If you like cats a lot, though, somehow all the sacrifices disappear with that first purr and cuddle. Yes, even cats know how to show appreciation, which is excellent because Vet Tech Appreciation Week is just around the corner.

49% Vet Tech, 51% BadAss – Joke 14oz Travel Mug

They never taught you about being a “badass” Vet Tech in school, did they? Yet, here you are! Yes, academics are important because those same talents and skills may bring in a career for you. But sometimes, having an attitude will also save your life in the veterinary world.

Needless to say, this mug was created for someone who has decided to devote the rest of their life to taking care of animals. Plus, you now also have the ability to counsel frantic pet owners. And your colleagues are probably blessed by having you to work side by side with them. The only thing missing is this mug. So enjoy National Vet Tech Week! This is really your time!

Vet Tech Because People Are Gross – Joke 14oz Travel Mug

Some people are naturally NOT people persons. Many prefer the company of animals because it’s more rewarding. They may also like cuddling animals because human patients might misinterpret an impromptu cuddle. If this sounds like you, then yes, you’ve found the right mug to buy, especially since National Vet Tech Week is on its way!

Why get all excited about a mug? This is not just any kind of mug – it’s a Vet Tech mug. And some pet owners sometimes may not be aware of the contribution of a Vet Tech to their pet’s health care. If you’re a Vet Tech, you may want to buy at least one of these mugs for yourself – then buy more for friends, family, and colleagues. So let the good times roll this Vet Tech Week!

Gift Cards for ILV Store

If you love the I Love Veterinary products that you’ve seen so far, then maybe you’d like the idea of a gift card too? A gift card can be purchased online and then sent via email to anyone you think would enjoy such a gift. 

This is a good idea for anyone who wants to give just that little extra push to make their kinfolk, immediate family, friends from school and work, and even business contacts feel more valued. If someone sends you a gift card, you can also keep it handy for those times when you want to buy something from the store for yourself. It really does pay to have the right connections.

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