Vet Tech Week Gift Box

Celebrate Vet Tech Week by showing your appreciation with I Love Veterinary’s Vet Tech Week Gift Box, carefully crafted to honor the dedicated heroes of animal care. This special collection arrives elegantly packaged and ready to gift, making your veterinary technician feel truly valued. Unlock incredible savings of $20 when you choose the Vet Tech … Read more

Vet Tech Week Gift Ideas for 2023

As Vet Tech Week approaches (15-21st October, 2023), many seek meaningful ways to show appreciation for the hardworking individuals in the veterinary profession. This special occasion, celebrated annually, provides an opportunity to honor and recognize the dedication and contributions of veterinary technicians. Alongside heartfelt gestures and tokens of gratitude, consider these thoughtful gift ideas to … Read more

When is Vet Tech Week 2023?

Vet Tech Week will happen from 15-21 October, 2023. Celebrating 30 years of National Veterinary Technician Week National Veterinary Technician Week (NVTW) is an annual celebration dedicated to honoring and recognizing the indispensable contributions of Credentialed Veterinary Technicians to the veterinary profession and society. Since its inception in 1993, this week has served as a … Read more

How to Prepare For National Vet Tech Week

vet tech week

Why is it Important to Salute Our Veterinary Technician Heroes? Vet Tech Week is fast approaching, and here at I Love Veterinary, we can’t wait to celebrate. Veterinary technicians fulfill a key role in veterinary hospitals by providing high-level care and education to help patients and staff.  This role is often under-appreciated due to less … Read more

Where is Vet Tech Week Celebrated?

Where is Vet Tech Week Celebrated?

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) celebrates the important work of the Veterinary Technician (Vet Tech) during the National Veterinary Technician Week annually. This event was established by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). The main aim of the week-long event is to raise public awareness of the work and importance of … Read more

The Best Ways to Celebrate Vet Tech Week

The Best Way to Celebrate Vet Tech Week

The National Veterinary Technician Week is one of the times of the year when the spotlight shines on veterinary technicians. If were been wondering what are the best ways to celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week, which takes place in the third week of October each year, you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve got the … Read more