Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week 2019

We all know how important it is to have veterinary technicians everywhere in the world. They have a very crucial responsibility of looking after animals and their welfare. Thus, showing veterinary technicians how much we appreciate them is crucial. So, for everyone wondering when it might be the right time to show a veterinary technician some love and appreciation, we would say every day of the year! However, every year the National Veterinary Technician Week takes place, which provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation.

Even though we should value the work of veterinary technicians every single day of the year, Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week is the perfect time to appreciate their commitment and care for all animals.

The National Veterinary Technician Week was first celebrated in 1993 and since then, it’s celebrated every year during the third week of October. The next National Veterinary Technician Week will take place on October 13-19, 2019.

Last year (2018), the National Veterinary Technician Week happened between October 14 and 20. In 2017, it took place between October 16 and 22, while in 2016 it was held between October 17 and 23.

The National Vet Tech Appreciation Week is a great time to take a moment and recognize the work and commitment of all veterinary technicians. During this week, we should all try to show how much we appreciate these technicians and they are allowed to “brag” publicly. Moreover, this week is also an ideal time to highlight their important roles as their job isn’t only fulfilling but also a challenging one.

The National Veterinary Technician Week is the time of the year when all veterinary technicians and their colleagues take part in events. Besides being celebratory, these events have a higher and more profound goal. These events have the main aim of educating the public about their work. Likewise, these events serve as a great place for boosting and encouraging their professionalism and developing the higher value of the veterinary profession. With the help of team buildings, they work on their self-development and strive to take veterinary medicine to a higher level.

During this week, it’s definitely recommended that you shower veterinary technicians with gifts and goodies and show them how much you love and respect them. They definitely deserve it! After all, they’re the ones who make your dog or cat happy.

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