Vet Tech of The Year Award by I Love Veterinary

 I Love Veterinary is hosting our very first Vet Tech of The Year Award! You get to nominate your favorite veterinary technician, then vote for them to win an array of exciting prizes from the I Love Veterinary Store!  Do you know of a vet tech who deserves some recognition for going the extra mile … Read more

How to Prepare For National Vet Tech Week

vet tech week

Why is it Important to Salute Our Veterinary Technician Heroes? Vet Tech Week is fast approaching, and here at I Love Veterinary, we can’t wait to celebrate. Veterinary technicians fulfill a key role in veterinary hospitals by providing high-level care and education to help patients and staff.  This role is often under-appreciated due to less … Read more



A veterinary technician is a certified professional in the field of veterinary technology who provides technical support for veterinarians in the process of patient care. Besides veterinarians, a vet tech is equally involved in the care of patients in veterinary hospitals and represents as a valuable team member and irreplaceable asset. This person is a … Read more